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With many sheltering in place, it provides a great opportunity to think about the future... Read More

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The Changing Face of Facilities Management

Social, environmental, and technological influences have changed facilities management (FM) as we know it. Both... Read More

Commercial Property Management Misconceptions Debunked

Commercial real estate is a rewarding investment. However, the actual heavy lifting begins after the... Read More

Commercial Real Estate Horror Stories: The Dreaded Tales from Friedman Real Estate

While many horror stories in real estate are avoidable with careful planning, leadership, and due... Read More

7 Ways to Promote Health and Wellness Amongst Your Tenants

Throughout their lifetime, the average person spends nearly 90,000 hours at work. So, it's essential to think... Read More

4 Modern Office Trends to Improve Sustainability

Did you know 76% of millennials consider a company’s social/environmental commitments before deciding where to... Read More

Combating Summeritis: 3 Ways to Keep Office Tenants Engaged

When the thermostat reaches a certain temperature, it can be challenging to maintain motivation. With... Read More

Workplace design trends: 5 Ways to Create a Flexible Workspace

In the era of increased mobility and technology, any space can become a workspace, especially... Read More

Make Every Day Earth Day with Energy Star [Infographic]

According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, buildings account for nearly 39% of all... Read More

5 Tips for Smart Commercial Leasing

Signing a lease is a big deal. We understand the vital importance of your workspace:... Read More

Spring Cleaning 101: Preparing Your Commercial Property For Spring [Infographic]

Spring has sprung! Meaning longer days, sunshine, warmth and unfortunately more maintenance work. Winter’s wear... Read More

Five Ways You Can Better Adapt To The Changing Commercial Space

Commercial real estate has long been an attractive market for investors and developers. Businesses of all... Read More